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My point of departure

Hi Tina,
I try to write a text about the project since one week. While writing the concept, I lost track due to the complex topics. It is hard enough to just trace the history, moreover there are thousand layers in this subject. So I still don’t know how I can describe the idea….

My point of departure is:
a) Humanity Declaration of the Emperor Shōwa (Hirohito) with his voice. “Turning the God to Human”

b) Landing of American soldiers. Japanese civilians have never been face to face with the enemy until the Surrender. It was thus “Turning the Evil to Human” as the Japanese had made an image of the american soldier just by hearing the noise of airplanes, missiles and bombing.

c) The Emperor is just a symbol and Tokyo Imperial Palace is just a big hole in the middle of Tokyo Metropolitan. It makes a strange urbanism in Tokyo.

d) The United States Forces in Japan is protected by Extraterritoriality. It is also a hole in the Japanese landscape.

Those elements are creating an invisibility and lack of visual information, like a voice of God in the radio, the remote attacks, the hole in the landscape and Extraterritoriality.

As we do not have an access to the US army bases, it could be a challenge to make a portrait of US bases with the fragment of imperfect information such as a soundscape, voices, archives, published media…



A beginning…

Where to start when we are so far away… Feel free to write in French because I can understand better than I can write it.

Let’s try and put something together… a proposal, a plan.

We can keep this private if we want (this site).

Change anything you like and add if you can.

It is tricky at first to find the places to put things (or to change things)… then it gets easier.