Project Proposal

Filmmaker Tina Gharavi and Sound Artist Yuji Oshima plan to investigate the story of occupation in Japan by the US military since 19XX.

Using Emaki as a starting point (horizontal, illustrated narrative form created during the 11th to 16th centuries in Japan. Emakimono combines both text and pictures, and is drawn, painted, or stamped on a handscroll. They depict battles, romance, religion, folk tales, and stories of the supernatural world.[1]. It is seen as the origin of modern manga. See:, the 2 artists plan to make a journey from the North to the South of the Islands of Japan, recording the stories of modern Japan in a scroll like form. Film and sound will construct a unique horizontal and shifting portrait of a time and a place.

On August 15, 1945, Japanese emperor Hirohito announces the termination of World War II via radio broadcast. Since then, the US occupation in Japan has started. For Japanese, this speech stands symbolically for the end of the war and the awareness of the Empire of Japan as a human being because of his voice. (Hirohito’s speech marked what was probably the first time in history that an Emperor of Japan had spoken to the common people.)

Focusing on this transmission of the voice as a starting point of the post-war era in Japan, we will collect those intangible voices through history and send them back to japanese’ modern landscape.

Both artists were trained in France at Le Fresnoy, Studio Nationale Des Arts Contemporains where they initially met. Their shared language is French which makes communication an interesting process.